I gave my mother a

I gave my mother a kitchen soap as a gift. My father loved the smell of it so much he used it in the bath and after it was gone he has spent hours in the stores trying to find something that smells that nice & been very disappointed. The order today is for his fathers day gift… kitchen soap for my dad to bathe with! I thought you might find that funny.

Julie...New Albany, IN

I started buying soap from

I started buying soap from this wonderful woman because she was the only one that I’d found locally that doesn’t use soybean oil in her soaps. My son doesn’t tolerate any commercial soaps very well, nor does he tolerate soy, even on his skin. When she created the Black Magic, I gave it a try for myself. Now I won’t use anything but Black Magic for myself. I’ve been using the sensitive for my 2 year old daughter since she was born. Amazing products that are great quality!


top notch product

top notch product



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