Start with something good…and make it better!

“Start with a good recipe, and then make it better.” That was the advice we lived by when we first started soap making some 20 years ago. And that is the advice we still give to new soap makers just getting started.

We start with top quality oils. We add herbs and vegetable butters. We mix in skin care additives, and we finish with the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Altogether, we want a product that makes a difference in your skin care…one that offers you a healthful alternative to the mass-produced, questionable products lining the shelves of today’s supermarkets.

Anna’s EsSCENTials Bodycare is known for making excellent handcrafted soap in our corner of Kentucky, so much so that we are warmly accepted here, where we’ve been making quality soap and body products for nearly 20 years. Our reach, however, goes far beyond, and actually to many corners of the world where our products have traveled.

Our made-from-scratch, cold-process method is well-suited for these lofty goals. We control every step of production and have a purpose for each ingredient we use. It’s the slowest way to make soap, but we think it is by far the best.

Our ingredients are carefully chosen and are vegan, except for a bit of goat’s milk in a couple soaps, and a smidgen of locally and responsibly harvested honey here and there.

Our soap studio is on the second floor of an historic building in the heart of our tiny town of Owenton, Kentucky. It was once home to the original telephone exchange, and we are proud to add our soaping adventures to those of the women who staffed this office in earlier years.

Each bar of Anna’s EsSCENTials Bodycare soap is conceptualized, developed, tested, created and brought to market by owner Sharon and daughter-in-law Khanittha. We are fortunate to have input from the culture and cuisine of Thailand, thus our special “Spicy Thai” line of soaps.

One of the most common and appreciated compliments we receive comes from local folks walking beneath our big old wavy-glass windows who comment on the scents wafting down to the sidewalk below. All in all, this is a very good place for soap making!

This is Anna, my lovely grandmother, after whom our company is named.

She taught me to appreciate the quiet and to be thoughtful about all things.

I am grateful for her gentle creativity and all she brought to life.