Where There’s Soap, There’s Hope!

The title to this entry has nothing to do with its content, but someone said that to me recently, and I liked it very much!

Actually, what I want to write about is a new shaving soap for men. There aren’t many men who use razors to shave with anymore, and probably even fewer who use shaving soap with their razors. However, I have a very good customer who does. I’d like to tell you a little about him because, well, because he likes Anna’s EsSCENTials Bodycare products so much.

This man (we’ll call him Peter since I have not asked his permission to mention him on this blog) is an interesting guy—well-educated, friendly, intelligent, and in his profession he has traveled widely throughout the world. Peter and his wife appeared at my soap table several years ago with an interesting story. They had bought my soaps several times, although I hadn’t formally met them. But what they told me made me sit up and take notice. Peter said that in his travels, he tends to look for high-quality local soaps and likes to test them out. (There are people out there like us, honest!) He said that he had been using my soaps for some time, and he wanted me to know that although he has tried soaps from all over the world, he felt that few compared and none were better than mine.

Well, that meant a lot. Over the years I’ve been determined to not make the compromises (lower quality oils and ingredients) that many soapmakers make as ingredient costs go up, even though it might make my business more profitable, but this is something most of my customers do not consciously know. So when someone who has the experience to tell the difference makes a statement like that, it makes all those decisions worthwhile!

A New Manly-Man Soap
In the past, I occasionally made round soaps that would fit into shaving cups, but there is not a big market for them, so I had run out. Peter said he is using my hemp soap bar as a shaving soap, but of course it does not fit into the shaving cup. However, he said, it is superior to any other shaving soap he’s tried so he makes do.

Well, I can’t have that! If this customer wants a round shaving soap, and thinks mine are the best he’s ever used, he will have it!

And not only that, he made a few suggestions that I thought were good ones. He likes patchouli, which I mix with hemp seed oil for a softening, moisturizing soap. So I used patchouli and hemp, and mixed that with soothing lavender, for a round shaving soap. He also suggested using a bit of rhassoul clay for a good “slip” and to help the razor. Again, excellent suggestion.

So into the soap laboratory I went, and emerged a few hours later with the latest and greatest shaving soap in the mold. I called it “Sweet Cheeks,” and it’s a nice combination of patchouli and lavender, and has a good dose of rhassoul clay as well. I hope everyone enjoys it, especially Peter, who inspired it.