Soap on the Racks

In my opinion, having drying racks full of curing new soap batches is one of the most satisfying things I can think of. The studio smells like uplifting essential oils such as rosemary, lavender and lemongrass. All those young bars of soap are perfectly lined up on the racks, full of hope and promise. It’s as though they are anxious to get out there and make their mark on the world.

Surely, surely I sound like a crazy soap lady. Of course, another soaper will understand that feeling of accomplishment when a batch of soap comes out of the molds, gets cut and trimmed, and you examine what you’ve created. There is always the excitement of seeing the interesting swirls of color (I am a color minimalist but love the effects of a subtle swirl), or the way the herbs and additives such as oatmeal or honey have blended with other ingredients and hardened into just the right consistency.

I often think of the ways my soap has developed and changed over the years. I’ve learned a lot and hope to continue to hone my craft. Because I was lucky with initial recipes, my soap has always been good. But it’s nice to know that those bars on the racks are even better than the ones before, benefitting from all the tiny subtleties that experience brings.

This is the time that keeps me coming back … that and the support of those who use and appreciate the final product. So, I tip my imaginary hat to the sun coming in the window today and those drying racks with about 100 pounds of soap created in the last week, all lined up and making me happy.